Wagin Woolorama Photo Judging

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Congratulations to all the photographers who entered the Wagin Woolorama photography competition.

The change in the number of categories and the size requirements have contributed to an excellent display of photography. All photos on display are enlargements, and are mounted. The four sections are Australian Rural Photograph, Character Study, Open Colour and Community.

The presentation was overall very good. A good photograph deserves to be presented well!

When judging, apart from looking at the quality of the photograph, I also looked at how the photograph fitted the category.

There were excellent Australian Rural Prints, which is a subject that is easy to find around Wagin.

The open Colour Section leaves the choice of subject wide open, but I looked for something where colour was the defining element of the image.

The character study needed to show not only the person, but also the character of the person. The winning image  is a great photo of the person, and it also shows the environment that he is comfortable in.

In the Community section I was looking for an image that gave a positive message about living in a community. So people doing something that represented a growing and vibrant healthy community.

I would especially like to encourage more local people and people from surrounding areas to enter the photography awards at Wagin Woolorama. What once might have been only available to camera club members and photographers with fancy SLR cameras is becoming more and more accessible to anyone with a smart phone. If you have an iPhone 5S you can easily achieve panoramas, HDR exposure, and high resolution images with your phone camera. Some other smart phone have cameras with resolutions of 18 megapixels or more - which is more than enough to enlarge to the requirements of a photography competition.

When choosing a photo to enter into the competition look at the way the light is captured, making sure that the highlights are not blown out nor the shadows too dark. Make sure the focus is on the subject of your image, and look out for distracting extraneous elements which do not add to the main subject.  Ensure that the main elements of the photo are composed to draw the eye to the most important subject. If you can use a digital editing program like PhotoShop to tweak the photo that is a good idea, but make sure not to go overboard unless it is in a creative capacity. When the photo is  printed ensure that it is printed with good quality inks on specialty photographic paper, and then mounted to meet the specifications of the competition.


I will be at the Wagin Woolorama on Friday 7th March and Saturday 8th March to take photos of the Woolorama Fashion Parades, and general activity around the grounds. There is so much to see, I imagine I will be extremely busy!! There are shearing and wool-handling competitions, sheep dog trials, a rodeo, cattle, sheep and poultry judging, an art show, sideshow alley (all rides are free for children!) as well as all the agricultural and general interest displays and stalls and much much more...


If you'd like a peek at some photos of last year's "Woolorama Brides" parade and beaut ute competition click here.





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